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The Grand Journey – A Revolution of Humanity

Dan Thomas narrates this profoundĀ  journey into the workings of our human consciousness and self awareness as we move ahead into the new millennium. Be sure and show your support at:

Revolution of Humanity – Author Dan Thomas to Release Short Film

Author Dan Thomas will soon be releasing his first video project, “The Grand Journey”. It is a half-hour sojourn through our human concept of spiritual transformation and self awareness. The filmĀ  seeks to encompass large portions of Thomas’ philosophy and the pieces of wisdom he has given through his daily Contemplations on Facebook and Twitter.
Thomas has also recently launched his new website at: aeta2earth.com where you can keep up with some of his latest work.  » Read more…

Greg Braden – Spirituality Meets Science

Greg Braden is a scientist who is helping bridge the gap between the physical and non-physical…. science meets spirituality.
Visit his website: http://www.greggbraden.com/  » Read more…

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