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What Are The Spiritual Thoughts? Secret Strategy For Understanding

by Otto Phokus
The faculty of thinking or reasoning in support of any object and subject of the world are logical or scientific thought. The faculty of thinking or reasoning in support of spiritual issues is spiritual thoughts. The product of mental activity with which we think about ourselves and God is called spiritual thoughts. The spiritual thoughts are different from the spiritual wisdom and logic or scientific thought.  » Read more…

Wealth and Making Money – A Strategy For Understanding the Spiritual Growth?

by smallritual
Spiritual growth is the subject of mind and has nothing to do with wealth and making money. All poor people are not on the spiritual path. A rich people are not against the spiritual path. All rich people are not arrogant. All poor people are not without arrogance. The possession of natural wealth and making money is your destiny.  » Read more…

Spiritual Fasting.

by Eddi van W.
Spiritual Fasting accelerates the growth of spiritual thoughts on the Lord to faith, Allah, the unity of God. It is used by all the great believers of the faith – Christianity, Islam and Hinduism. However spiritual program of fasting, food and a recipe for spiritual fasting, days and hours of fasting is different,  » Read more…

Wisdom of Spiritual Awakening – A strategy to Understand its Petitioner

by Otto Phokus
What is spiritual awakening? Invoking the spiritual wisdom of the inner soul is spiritual enlightenment. Many spiritualists learned that even religious fundamentalists say they can provide or contribute to spiritual development. If you feel something deep and profound wisdom and true to your inner wisdom beyond thought, and he is impulsive in your heart and becomes a guide for you,  » Read more…

by Eddi van W.
How to define science and spirituality? Many people carry misleading perceptions of science and spirituality. Parameters of science and spirituality are different. Science and spirituality are not opposed to each other, but support each other. Einstein concluded that science can understand the secret strategy of relation of time and elements, but spirituality is required to understand the secret strategy of the evil spirit
Science is a field of study or a systematic body of knowledge that aims through experiment,  » Read more…

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