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Clenched Fist, Open Hand

By: Dan Thomas
Humanity is faced with the moral predicament of maintaining our spiritual values in the shadow of desperate adversity. Cruelty, greed, and corruption have seized almost total control in the world arena. Lies and a long history of unscrupulous acts have contrived to put masters into positions of authority over slaves. They manipulate our economies,  » Read more…

Duel With Duality

By Dan Thomas, author of Inner Tech
White hats and black hats, heroes and villains . . . the forces of good against evil. Throughout our history we have been bombarded with the concept and existence of moral duality. The endless ebb and flow of engineered oppositions and social irrigation draw from dramatic examples a conceptualization of these polar frequencies.  » Read more…

Spiritual Evolution in the Technological World

by Dan Thomas – Author of Inner-Tech
“The horrifying deterioration of the ethical conduct of people today stems from the mechanization and dehumanization of our lives; a disastrous by-product of the development of the scientific and technical mentality.” -Albert Einstein-
The creative nature of the Human species is an astounding thing. I find it mind-boggling to try and think of everything that we have created.  » Read more…

Many Lives, Many Lessons

by Dan Thomas – Author of Inner-Tech
Time is an illusion in the sense that it depends on a perception. Patience is in many ways the translator through which we experience it. A moment can seem to last forever and yet a year can pass in a blink. The past, the future, the present . .  » Read more…

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