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The Theater of Life

By Dan Thomas
The world is a stage and we are the actors, but our lines are being written by some other’s hand. We can do a bit of improvisation, make decisions that would seem to alter the script, and entertain our audience of notions in a performance most believable. So long as we’re content to play our roles the directors are pleased,  » Read more…

Glory War

By: Dan Thomas
Beneath the sound of thunder and the roar of impressive lethality, behind the drumming of hearts in adrenaline and the taps of steel venom, there is a chorus of cries by the death of innocence, the moans of suffering, and the fall of humanity. Awed by the raw power of destruction, the theft of the sacred,  » Read more…

Clenched Fist, Open Hand

By: Dan Thomas
Humanity is faced with the moral predicament of maintaining our spiritual values in the shadow of desperate adversity. Cruelty, greed, and corruption have seized almost total control in the world arena. Lies and a long history of unscrupulous acts have contrived to put masters into positions of authority over slaves. They manipulate our economies,  » Read more…

Skimming the Surface

By Dan Thomas, author of Inner-Tech
How I wish that I was a great composer, or had a voice that could sing my heart without cracking on notes or falling from the strong emotions I would try to convey. If I was an artist or a poet, maybe I could somehow touch others souls that they could know of my sincerity.  » Read more…

Revolution of Humanity

By Dan Thomas – Author of Inner Tech
A dictionary might define humanity as a state of being compassionate towards others, or it might simply state it as of being human . . . all of mankind. A revolution might be stated as a great change, or the completion of a circular orbit. Such words put together might seem daunting,  » Read more…

Eckankar – Insights into Soul Travel and Astral Projection (Video)

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nice song from sunrise:)
Astral Dancer –  » Read more…

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