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Revolution of Humanity – Author Dan Thomas to Release Short Film

Author Dan Thomas will soon be releasing his first video project, “The Grand Journey”. It is a half-hour sojourn through our human concept of spiritual transformation and self awareness. The filmĀ  seeks to encompass large portions of Thomas’ philosophy and the pieces of wisdom he has given through his daily Contemplations on Facebook and Twitter.
Thomas has also recently launched his new website at: aeta2earth.com where you can keep up with some of his latest work.  » Read more…

Many Lives, Many Lessons

by Dan Thomas – Author of Inner-Tech
Time is an illusion in the sense that it depends on a perception. Patience is in many ways the translator through which we experience it. A moment can seem to last forever and yet a year can pass in a blink. The past, the future, the present . .  » Read more…

The Journey of Spiritual Awareness

– An Astral Psychic Exclusive by Dan Thomas, author of Inner-Tech.
It is not a destination and it holds no title. It is not a time or even intelligence, and it is not limited to the confines of some singular path. I ask the questions . . . how do we find it, how do we define it,  » Read more…

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