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Greg Braden – Spirituality Meets Science

Greg Braden is a scientist who is helping bridge the gap between the physical and non-physical…. science meets spirituality.
Visit his website: http://www.greggbraden.com/  » Read more…

Peter Russell – Science, Spirituality and the Origin of Consciousness

Peter Russell discusses the crumbling barriers between science and spirituality, and what contemporary research may be telling us about the origin and nature…  » Read more…

Man, Universe and God: Religion, philosophy, metaphysics and science

by Meta Mago
by Mardini
Everyone has his, or her, own convictions about life, the universe, being and God. Religion asserts God’s indispensability for the presence of the universe and life. Philosophy searches for truth, and ultimate truth and it purports to demonstrate the relation ship between three enigmas: the universe, man and God.
It attempts to establish a comprehensive perspective for the three such as that God has created the universe and created man in order to look into the universe and find God.  » Read more…

by Eddi van W.
How to define science and spirituality? Many people carry misleading perceptions of science and spirituality. Parameters of science and spirituality are different. Science and spirituality are not opposed to each other, but support each other. Einstein concluded that science can understand the secret strategy of relation of time and elements, but spirituality is required to understand the secret strategy of the evil spirit
Science is a field of study or a systematic body of knowledge that aims through experiment,  » Read more…

Ken Wilber – Spirituality and the 3 Strands of Deep Science

The three strands of deep science—injunction, apprehension, confirmation—give us a reliable methodology for learning about both the world without and the world within. Want to know what the moons of Jupiter look like? Look through a telescope. Want to know what satori is? Sit down and count your breaths. While you’re at it, have a couple friends do the same thing,  » Read more…

Scientific Research Studies on Spiritual Science and Philosophy

by Eddi van W.
Today’s era predominates with a high intellect. Every aspect of our life is fully influenced by the modern scientific principle of proof and sound logic. As a result world humanity requires both proof and logic as far as philosophy is concerned too. Only after testing it thus will they deign to accept its usefulness.  » Read more…

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