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Miracle Mastery Review: Developing Psychic Abilities You Can See

By Kathy Yvolimin
Miracle Mastery is a book that makes some pretty extreme claims – and then delivers on them.
You may well ask how a book that promises to show you how to make your own honest-to-goodness miracles could possibly be the real thing.
We aren’t talking about little “coincidental” Law-of-Attraction miracles here either. Miracle Mastery teaches no less than 16 “extreme psychic skills”  » Read more…

5-Star Spiritual Review of FOR THE BIBLE TELLS ME SO, a documentary on DVD

by AlicePopkorn
For The Bible Tells Me So is about how deeply Christian parents respond and relate to their children when the child comes out of the closet and announces his or her sexual preference.  The story is told from the perspective of five normal, real-life adult homosexual children and their families.  The families struggle with love for the child and the competing desire to do the right Christian thing.   » Read more…

Spiritual Review: The Believer, a drama on DVD

by seyed mostafa zamani
RATING:  4.5 Hearts – Excellent
Okay, okay.  So I’m a big Ryan Gosling fan.  In fact, my primary reason for viewing The Believer is because I wanted to see all of Gosling’s work.  When I noticed that The Believer won the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival, that sealed the deal,  » Read more…

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