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The Psychic Shield

By Dan Thomas
This article is a prelude to my book “Warrior of Necessity: the Art of Psychic Defense”, which I am hoping to make available sometime within the next six months and will include within it a far more in-depth discussion of the subject. Due to popular request, and unfortunately popular need as well, I have decided to present this article to the public so those requiring such information might at least get a start.  » Read more…

Definite Signs of Psychic Attacks

Author: Geeta Jha
What are psychic attacks?

Psychic attacks are conscious/unconscious directed negative emotions of anger, jealousy and malice by visible/invisible entities to one another.
More sensitive people are acutely conscious of all this negativity present in atmosphere and often felt bombarded by it.
Negative thoughts about another person are a type of psychic attack.
Psychic attacks are negative and destructive polarity of occult power;  » Read more…

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