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Are your Past Lives Really In The Past?

Learning about their past lives is of great interest to many people and always has been. Many individuals want to learn purely out of curiosity, but the fact remains that you can change your life for the better by using it. Many religions are strong in their belief of a past life or lives.
But the fact remains that you can make positive changes in your present life by using it.  » Read more…

Discover Past Lives In Dreams And Find Your Life Purpose

Author: Sherri Frost
Discover past lives in dreams spontaneously or on purpose. The possibilities are endless. Maybe you are wondering if there is a message to be learned or you are just curious about who you might have been.
Lessons can be learned from the past so that you don’t have to keep repeating the same mistake.  » Read more…

Many Lives, Many Lessons

by Dan Thomas – Author of Inner-Tech
Time is an illusion in the sense that it depends on a perception. Patience is in many ways the translator through which we experience it. A moment can seem to last forever and yet a year can pass in a blink. The past, the future, the present . .  » Read more…

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