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Chris Pearre – Music in Four Dimensions

Central CA musician Christopher Pearre emerges as a top synthesist with the soothing and ethereal spirit emanating from his original euphonic dreamscrapes. His new album, “Dream Slate” (Available at: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/synthesist ), captures his longtime experience with the synthesizer and is truly something special in the genre.
Chris has been making a distinguishing contribution to jazz, rock,  » Read more…

Brannan Lane and Zero Ohms – Land of Blue Mist

ARTIST INFO: Twenty-Six releases in ambient, world and new age music genres.
Nominated for a Morpheus Music Award for Best Ambient CD. (United Kingdom) Award-winning producer Brannan Lane could calm someone riding a roller coaster with his celestial sound. Relaxing energy pushes its way onto your senses, almost forcing you into a dream-filled coma. The ambient navigators warm sonic textures may be the cure for the most severe cases of road rage.  » Read more…

Astral Projection – Dancing Galaxy

Dancing Galaxy by Astral Projection from their 1997 album “Dancing Galaxy”
Video Rating: 5 / 5  » Read more…

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