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Metaphysical Period

by Harold Laudeus
Metaphysics or the “first philosophy” (? ????? ?????????, philosophia prima), is the science of supersensory principles and the principles of life. Also used as a completely modern synonym for “philosophy”. The term is introduced by Andronicus of Rhodes who systematized the writings of Aristotle.
Metaphysics is divided into: the teaching about the most existing (ontology),   » Read more…

Metaphysical Classes: What are They?

by YanivG
Find Metaphysical Classes in the United States and Canada. If you’ve ever wondered about ESP (extrasensory perception), the Akashic records, or other paranormal studies, then enrolling in one of many metaphysical classes will give you the insight and inspiration you need to discover the many aspects of mind-body-spirit healing and philosophies, thereof.
Metaphysical classes often encompass new age or new thought subject matter including energy healing,  » Read more…

Metaphysical Degree: Studies of Interest

by wpwend42
Find Metaphysical Degree Programs in the United States and Canada. Metaphysical degree programs are gaining in popularity at they present a wide array of studies from which one can choose.

A number of metaphysical degree programs promise professional advancement as students can elect to pursue their bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate’s degree. Students enrolled in metaphysical degree programs geared toward baccalaureate involve curriculums in metaphysical communication,  » Read more…

Frauds in the Metaphysical Field Part 1

by Harold Laudeus
This is an important subject to address for like in every field of human endeavor, the metaphysical branch has its charlatans, scoundrels, and manipulators who are ever ready and eager to mislead the earnest seeker of Truth. Students of metaphysics as well as laymen should understand the difference between true spiritual metaphysicians and scoundrels assuming the title.  » Read more…

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