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The Theater of Life

By Dan Thomas
The world is a stage and we are the actors, but our lines are being written by some other’s hand. We can do a bit of improvisation, make decisions that would seem to alter the script, and entertain our audience of notions in a performance most believable. So long as we’re content to play our roles the directors are pleased,  » Read more…

Clenched Fist, Open Hand

By: Dan Thomas
Humanity is faced with the moral predicament of maintaining our spiritual values in the shadow of desperate adversity. Cruelty, greed, and corruption have seized almost total control in the world arena. Lies and a long history of unscrupulous acts have contrived to put masters into positions of authority over slaves. They manipulate our economies,  » Read more…

A guided tour of spirituality in Second Life

Whether you have heard of Second Life or not, your mind will be blown by the flourishing spiritual communities being created in this virtual world.

Yoga of Thinking, Arthur Young Video Archive www.ArthurYoung.com producer Arthur Bloch, Hypersphere Why light is spiritual. Why light is at stage one. It is indivisible — quantized. Everything that happens does so through photons.  » Read more…

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