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Different States of Mind – Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta

Author: Giovanni Lordi
The mind operates at four predominant brainwave states or frequencies:
These different states are classified according to the speed of the predominant brainwave signals from one neurological point to another at any one point in time. This speed and frequency is measured in ‘Hertz’ and the figures are obtained using an Electrocardiogram (EEG) machine.  » Read more…

Are your Past Lives Really In The Past?

Learning about their past lives is of great interest to many people and always has been. Many individuals want to learn purely out of curiosity, but the fact remains that you can change your life for the better by using it. Many religions are strong in their belief of a past life or lives.
But the fact remains that you can make positive changes in your present life by using it.  » Read more…

Brainwave Entrainment – Powerful Hypnosis / Trance Induction

www.brainwave-sync.com – Brainwave Entrainment uses sound or images to alter your brainwaves. The audio is set to a specific frequency, and when you listen your brain begins to follow the frequency. By listening to brainwave entrainment for just a few minutes you can change your state of mind and awareness.
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Certain frequencies are associated with certain states of mind,  » Read more…

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