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The Psychic Shield

By Dan Thomas
This article is a prelude to my book “Warrior of Necessity: the Art of Psychic Defense”, which I am hoping to make available sometime within the next six months and will include within it a far more in-depth discussion of the subject. Due to popular request, and unfortunately popular need as well, I have decided to present this article to the public so those requiring such information might at least get a start.  » Read more…

Types Of Spiritual Emotion

by marctonysmith
There are two types of spiritual emotion Р Manifest and  Unmanifest.
Manifest spiritual emotion as the name suggests is when there is an apparent manifestation of spiritual emotion. We will expand on the various types of manifestation in subsequent paragraphs.
Unmanifest spiritual emotion is when there is spiritual emotion but it does not manifest or is not apparent to others.  » Read more…

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