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Duel With Duality

By Dan Thomas, author of Inner Tech
White hats and black hats, heroes and villains . . . the forces of good against evil. Throughout our history we have been bombarded with the concept and existence of moral duality. The endless ebb and flow of engineered oppositions and social irrigation draw from dramatic examples a conceptualization of these polar frequencies.  » Read more…

What is spiritual Intelligence and its dimensions? How can we develop our spiritual intelligence?

by Eddi van W.
When most people have so much reliance on their IQ, they might ignore other complex applications of their mind. Due to this thought sometimes when people feel that their IQ is low, they may be disappointed about their abilities and think that their activities may not pull a result.
Whereas Hedlund and Sternberg (2000) found that IQ only accounts for about 20% to 30% of professional success.  » Read more…

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