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The Theater of Life

By Dan Thomas
The world is a stage and we are the actors, but our lines are being written by some other’s hand. We can do a bit of improvisation, make decisions that would seem to alter the script, and entertain our audience of notions in a performance most believable. So long as we’re content to play our roles the directors are pleased,  » Read more…

Ancient Rituals Of Spiritual Awakening

by AlicePopkorn
Spiritual awakening is a goal that everyone seems to be looking for. Ever since the prehistoric period, people seem to be in quest for a divine union and enlightenment. There are different ancient rituals performed by different groups of people worldwide. Indigenous cultures that still exist today, shows us a glimpse of how ancient people tried to have a deeper understanding of the earth and the spirits.  » Read more…

Growth Stage Of Spiritual Development – To Help You Acquire Spiritual Wisdom And Spiritual Awakening

by Mara ~earth light~
  In the first stage of spiritual development, a person begins to think of scholars and spiritual leaders in the world order to come into this world? What is your moral duty to his family, civilization, other forms of life and the environment? In the first phase of spiritual awakening, a practical person to be free from evil,  » Read more…

Wisdom of Spiritual Awakening – A strategy to Understand its Petitioner

by Otto Phokus
What is spiritual awakening? Invoking the spiritual wisdom of the inner soul is spiritual enlightenment. Many spiritualists learned that even religious fundamentalists say they can provide or contribute to spiritual development. If you feel something deep and profound wisdom and true to your inner wisdom beyond thought, and he is impulsive in your heart and becomes a guide for you,  » Read more…

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