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The Sky Is Not Blue

By Dan Thomas
“Most truths are so naked that people feel sorry for them and cover them up, at least a little bit.”-Edward R. Murrow”
Truth can be a hard thing to find, but once found it can sometimes be an even harder thing to face. What’s more is that there are so many people out there that work very hard to see to it that we don’t get all the truth.  » Read more…

Definite Signs of Psychic Attacks

Author: Geeta Jha
What are psychic attacks?

Psychic attacks are conscious/unconscious directed negative emotions of anger, jealousy and malice by visible/invisible entities to one another.
More sensitive people are acutely conscious of all this negativity present in atmosphere and often felt bombarded by it.
Negative thoughts about another person are a type of psychic attack.
Psychic attacks are negative and destructive polarity of occult power;  » Read more…

Astral Etheric Spiders

Note from the editor: Although this article is a few months old I wanted to publish it because lately I’ve heard from more and more from people who are experiencing similar problems with psychic parasites and other demons in general. I think Jim’s article does a very good job in presenting the topic and hopefully can generate some solutions to these issues from our readers.  » Read more…

By the author of Inner-Tech, Dan Thomas "We are all one" . . . it has become a common phrase. With the acceleration of our consciousness and the resurgence of spirituality that has been and continues to occur within society, the awareness of this profound point has become integral to our understandings. Unity, through this awareness of the illusion of our divisions, continues to break false barriers with the revitalized quality of compassion. Each of us is a part of the whole, and each part effects the whole. This fundamental bond of humanity, with its incredibly deep and searching implications, leads to a broader vision of what life truly is all about. It brings us a grand step closer to answering some of those big questions that we have been asking ourselves from the very beginning of our time. Who are we and why are we here? What is life all about? The value of this simple realization can not be overstated, especially in the light of the many challenges that we collectively are facing at this time. And yet, as true as all of this is, I believe there to be "one more" . . . the self. The paradox, I believe, is that we are all one . . . one in our connections to all others but also one in the connections to our vast individuality. If you will, it's like the macro and the micro; truth and infinity travels in both directions. If our differences are just an illusion, which I do think in many senses is true, then why does such an illusion exist? Time, space, even physical existence can be said in a manner to be an illusion and yet the experience of life provides us with these as a reality. These "illusions" are some of the very basic tools that divine creation has supplied us with . . . to teach us and provide us with the ability to learn. The depth, the experience, the spiritual value of seeing the inner self is of equal importance as seeing the outer self. Neither view should be discarded lest only half a picture be understood. Our existence, for now at least, is in an epoch of duality. We are individuals . . . individuals as part of one. I think the key here is achieving some balance of our understanding. The selfish and the selfless . . . neither side attributes full value to the whole, but don't confuse this balance with morality. Balance is a fine concept in many applications, but leads to stagnation in others. Movement . . . progress needs to be continuous. A balance of good and evil creates an illuminist concept of neutrality that is not at all what I'm suggesting here. What I am suggesting is a balance between the concepts and realities of we as individuals and we as one. Ultimately, if you think about it, such a balance serves well to both sides. For the spiritual benefit of realizing that we are all one, we must first realize it as individuals. For the spiritual benefit of realizing the true vastness of our individuality, we must realize the importance of that individuality in the service of all. Within duality we each have the power of our freewills. We have personal responsibility as well as responsibility towards the whole to wield our thoughts and actions and decisions as moral creators. You are not responsible for my decisions, those decisions are the right and freedom of my own will. I am not responsible for your actions, they are the product of your freewill. We can try to convince each other one way or the other, but ultimately the choice made is due to the individual. What we are responsible for is how our freewills effect the whole. It would be my guess, and my hope, that anyone who is reading this article probably has essentially the same motive . . . a desire to create a better world . . . a desire for a world that that is how it really should be. We share a vision of a reality that is one of peace, health, and prosperity for you, me, and everyone else as well. We share a desire to find and to face truth, to cease the seemingly perpetual cycle of human tragedy that has for far too long plagued our history, and to live in a world of love and compassion. It is a cause most noble, most worthy of our efforts, and one I must believe can be achievable. For one . . . for all . . . may our futures finally shine!
Dan Thomas is the author of Inner-Tech, a metaphysical, spiritual science fiction novel that takes the reader on an incredible adventure through space and time in a quest of questions and answers upon awakening to a desperate message given by a mysteriously ancient and alien library. Packed with action, symbolism, and an inspiring determination, the reader is engaged in a fascinating look at society, morality, and the mechanics of the cosmos. Visit Dan Thomas' new website for valuable insights and some words of wisdom.

One, and One More

By the author of Inner-Tech, Dan Thomas
“We are all one” . . . it has become a common phrase. With the acceleration of our consciousness and the resurgence of spirituality that has been and continues to occur within society, the awareness of this profound point has become integral to our understandings. Unity, through this awareness of the illusion of our divisions,  » Read more…

Duel With Duality

By Dan Thomas, author of Inner Tech
White hats and black hats, heroes and villains . . . the forces of good against evil. Throughout our history we have been bombarded with the concept and existence of moral duality. The endless ebb and flow of engineered oppositions and social irrigation draw from dramatic examples a conceptualization of these polar frequencies.  » Read more…

11 Most Popular and Effective Meditation Techniques around the World Today

Author: Chun Jia
People meditate for a reason. Aside from finding the innermost of yourself, meditation gives you the ability and chance to achieve a greater and more sophisticated awareness of the environment around you. Not only this, it also allows you to claim harmony, peace, and tranquility – mentally, emotionally, and physically.
Meditation can be done using different types of techniques.  » Read more…

Clarence Mayhew – Waiting for a Sign

Florida Bass Guitarist Clarence Mayhew is creating  new and original music which is completely self produced and recorded. His unique blend of ambiance and electronica fused with his mastery of the bass guitar creates a sound all his own, fashioned with what can only be described as masterful sense of composition and a love of music that clearly rings out in every track.  » Read more…

Different States of Mind – Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta

Author: Giovanni Lordi
The mind operates at four predominant brainwave states or frequencies:
These different states are classified according to the speed of the predominant brainwave signals from one neurological point to another at any one point in time. This speed and frequency is measured in ‘Hertz’ and the figures are obtained using an Electrocardiogram (EEG) machine.  » Read more…

A river whose streams make glad – psalm 46

Author: Nancy B. Detweiler
Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.
God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.
Thou hast been with us always; therefore will we not fear when the earth
quakes and mountains are shaken into the heart of the sea,
Though the waters thereof roar and be troubled, though the mountains
shake with the force thereof.  » Read more…

Parmenides of Elea: Monistic Metaphysics

Author: David von Walland
Often referred to as the “father” or “grandfather” of Western Philosophy, Parmenides lived and wrote during the fifth century BCE. His writings large reject the pluralist metaphysics that other pre-socratics proposed before him. We only have remnants of his only known work On Nature; however, the “Proem,” a versed introduction to the work,  » Read more…

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