Numerology Predictions: Get To Know This Number

Author: Crystal R. Jansen
Numerology Predictions often appears hard to understand and overwhelming to the novice, however, at its basic level numerology is fairly simple. The single most relevant number in ascertaining numerology predictions is without question the Life Path Number.
It is extremely important to take into account all of your numerological numbers, the Life Path Number is the cornerstone of the entire numerology chart and is crucial to making numerology predictions.  » Read more…

Friends, coffee and fortune telling

by: Samira Ali
Fortune telling and coffee go hand in hand in the Turkish Culture. They enjoy excellent coffee with their nearest and dearest and then… the coffee allows its drinkers fortune to be revealed.
How it is done:
1. Drink the coffee from one side of the cup.
2. When the coffee is finished, the saucer is placed on top of the cup,  » Read more…

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