Gemstones Which Can Increase Psychic Ability

By Melanie
There are lots of different gemstones which can help to shift the energy in a person and so it is common for people to hold gemstones when they are attempting to practice their psychic abilities. Here are a number of gemstones which help to increase psychic abilities:

Agate: Helps to ground you and create a peaceful state of mind so that you are able to better connect with spiritual energies.  » Read more…

The Psychic Shield

By Dan Thomas
This article is a prelude to my book “Warrior of Necessity: the Art of Psychic Defense”, which I am hoping to make available sometime within the next six months and will include within it a far more in-depth discussion of the subject. Due to popular request, and unfortunately popular need as well, I have decided to present this article to the public so those requiring such information might at least get a start.  » Read more…

Definite Signs of Psychic Attacks

Author: Geeta Jha
What are psychic attacks?

Psychic attacks are conscious/unconscious directed negative emotions of anger, jealousy and malice by visible/invisible entities to one another.
More sensitive people are acutely conscious of all this negativity present in atmosphere and often felt bombarded by it.
Negative thoughts about another person are a type of psychic attack.
Psychic attacks are negative and destructive polarity of occult power;  » Read more…

Astral Etheric Spiders

Note from the editor: Although this article is a few months old I wanted to publish it because lately I’ve heard from more and more from people who are experiencing similar problems with psychic parasites and other demons in general. I think Jim’s article does a very good job in presenting the topic and hopefully can generate some solutions to these issues from our readers.  » Read more…

How Will I Know I Have Psychic Ability?

There are signs that can help you to know if you have psychic ability when you become conscious of them.
Have you ever known before hand that the telephone was going to ring before it did?
Have you ever felt that you knew who was going to be on the other end of the telephone before you answered it?  » Read more…

Exercises to Fine Tune Your Psychic Ability (Video)

In this video, I speak on exercises you can try to help fine-tune your psychic ability so that you can differentiate intuition from ego. By fine tuning your intuition, you will become more transparent to your own knowledge and guidance to help you along your path through life.

Open Your Third Eye
Mystic shows you how to open your third eye.  » Read more…

Remote Viewing, Psychic Abilities, and Edgar Cayce – An Interview with Russell Targ (Video)

This film clip is from an interview with Russell Targ where he discusses remote viewing, psychic abilities and the healing powers of Edgar Cayce.
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KGB Agent with Frightening Psychic Abilities (Video)

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The Beginning Steps to Developing Psychic Abilities (Video)

Do you want to become psychic? Do you want to know what someone else is thinking about? The beginning steps to unlock your higher senses is to start at the beginning. Begin by keeping a dream journal. Recall your dreams and documenting key summaries or key words of the dream helps bridge a connection to your subconscious mind.  » Read more…

Introduction To Psychic Ability (Video)

This is the introduction to a series of videos dedicated to psychic abilities. The entire series is dedicated to helping people better understand those things we current label as psychic. Also included in the series is a great deal of information on what everything is and tips, tools, and techniques to help develop your own individual skills and abilities.  » Read more…

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