Clarence Mayhew – Waiting for a Sign

Florida Bass Guitarist Clarence Mayhew is creating  new and original music which is completely self produced and recorded. His unique blend of ambiance and electronica fused with his mastery of the bass guitar creates a sound all his own, fashioned with what can only be described as masterful sense of composition and a love of music that clearly rings out in every track.  » Read more…

Chris Pearre – Music in Four Dimensions

Central CA musician Christopher Pearre emerges as a top synthesist with the soothing and ethereal spirit emanating from his original euphonic dreamscrapes. His new album, “Dream Slate” (Available at: ), captures his longtime experience with the synthesizer and is truly something special in the genre.
Chris has been making a distinguishing contribution to jazz, rock,  » Read more…

Brannan Lane and Zero Ohms – Land of Blue Mist

ARTIST INFO: Twenty-Six releases in ambient, world and new age music genres.
Nominated for a Morpheus Music Award for Best Ambient CD. (United Kingdom) Award-winning producer Brannan Lane could calm someone riding a roller coaster with his celestial sound. Relaxing energy pushes its way onto your senses, almost forcing you into a dream-filled coma. The ambient navigators warm sonic textures may be the cure for the most severe cases of road rage.  » Read more…

Carbonates On Mars – Ambient & Chill Out

An absolutely beautiful ambient & chill out track by Carbonates on Mars
Produced By Love Through The Lens
Also check it out Carbonates on Mars and other fantastic artists on:
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Astral Projection – Dancing Galaxy

Dancing Galaxy by Astral Projection from their 1997 album “Dancing Galaxy”
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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