Gemstones Which Can Increase Psychic Ability

By Melanie

There are lots of different gemstones which can help to shift the energy in a person and so it is common for people to hold gemstones when they are attempting to practice their psychic abilities. Here are a number of gemstones which help to increase psychic abilities:

gemstones, psychic enhancing, agateAgate: Helps to ground you and create a peaceful state of mind so that you are able to better connect with spiritual energies. Comes in many colours and is related to the root chakra.

psychic abilities, gemstones, amethystAmethyst: Protects from negative energies and helps you to see into the hearts of those who are liars and addicts so you can identify whether they are being truthful.

angelite, gemstone, telepathyAngelite: This gemstone aids in developing telepathic abilities, especially hearing angelic entities.

psychic messages, andalusiteAndalusite: For use by those who have overactive psychic energy, it reduces the number of psychic messages you may receive on a daily basis.

psychic energy, stimulationApatite: A rare stone which causes inner visions and stimulates psychic energies.

gemstones, intuition, azuriteAzurite: Increases psychic ability overall and helps to keep you in sync with your intuition. A shiny rock.

dream inducement, gemstone, chrysocollaChrysocolla: Increases psychic ability and can induce prophetic dreaming and trances. A bright green gemstone.

coral, red coral, intuition enhancing stoneCoral: Enhances intuition allowing you to connect with the hearts and minds of children, older people and animals.

emerald, dream clarityEmerald: Enhances clarity of dreams. A bright green gemstone.

herkimer diamond, psychic communicationHerkimer Diamond: This gemstone works as a sort of psychic telephone and is for use with those you love. You each hold a diamond and charge it with loving energies. You then exchange diamonds and every time you want to communicate with the loved one, you simply hold their diamond and think of them.

howlite, psychic grounding, gemstoneHowlite: A stone which helps to calm and ground allowing you to receive psychic information.

iolite, psychic visions, gemstonesIolite: Opens the mind to psychic visions and helps you to interpret what it is you are seeing with compassion. A light purple stone.

kyanite, increase psychic abilities, lucid dreamingKyanite: Known to increase psychic abilities and help with developing lucid dreaming, telepathic skills, clairvoyance and astral travel. A clear, flat rock.

wizards stone, intuition, gemsLabradorite: Increases intuitive abilities. Known as the ‘Wizards Stone’. A multicoloured stone.

moonstones, psychic abilitiesMoonstone: This stone increases intuitive skills and overall psychic abilities. A pearly, but multicoloured rock.

gemstones, divination, channeling, obsidianObsidian: Protects from negative energies whilst a person is channelling. Also used for divination purposes. A shiny black and silver gemstone.

wealth, gemstones, michaelSapphire: Enhances telepathic abilities and helps the user to identify sources of wealth. You can also identify and connect to the energies of the Archangel Michael when using a sapphire. A dark blue rock.

protection, gemstonesSugilite: Protects from negative energies and increases overall psychic abilities. A clear gemstone.

As you can see, there is a great variety of gemstones which can be used when seeking to increase, develop or protect your psychic abilities, wearing them or keeping them with you can boost your abilities.

Author: Melanie writes for Wishing Moon – a team of dedicated and gifted psychic readers and mediums. For more information on Wishing Moon Psychic readings or gemstones and crystals, visit the website.

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