By: Dan Thomas

Humanity is faced with the moral predicament of maintaining our spiritual values in the shadow of desperate adversity. Cruelty, greed, and corruption have seized almost total control in the world arena. Lies and a long history of unscrupulous acts have contrived to put masters into positions of authority over slaves. They manipulate our economies, international justice, world resources, and virtually every other aspect of corporate and even personal life. If they were wise they would listen to the demands of the people . . . if they were humane they would use their power to act immediately for the people, but unfortunately they have proven themselves to be neither wise or humane. The preservation of humanity being essential, we the people have been forced into a position of few options. We must take action or risk more destruction, and with defeat not being an option we can accept, we are left to only one course. Yet, with violence being a poor choice for both moral and practical reasons, with the anger of the people ever-growing, what actions are truly effective, doable, and at the same time spiritually sound?

Answers are easier said than done, and for this subject depend on a declaration of international unity of the people. This vital task is layered with difficulties, and requires each of us to find within a bravery and will that we have been trained to forsake. What’s more is that the exact details of this step are restricted by individual resources and abilities to do so. However, before such broad unity can be, it first must begin with an individual declaration of compassion, self-sovereignty, and non-compliance with the misguided and tyrannical systems that hold power over us. Only you can determine your circumstances and choose your contributions to the noble cause of humanity, but something that everyone can do regardless of those circumstances is prepare and dedicate your heart and soul and will. The time for human folly, evils, and disconnection is over. The time for true and meaningful progress is upon us, and it all starts with you.

Have our wounds become so deep that we can never heal? Have our fears grown so large that they have consumed us? Have we become so bitter and cynical that never more can we taste the sweetness of what life should really be? Hope must not be lost, but with that hope must be courage. The trials of civilization are most testing, and they’ve been testing us for millenia. Undoubtedly the nature of life will always contain within it many challenges, but that is no reason for solutions to never be made. The truth is that we can heal . . . we can learn, and we can be brave too for in this grand experiment of human existence there is purpose. That purpose, in part, is to earn the greatness of our potential. Although the “seems” of experience would have us believe the contrary, no tyranny or injustice or wickedness is stronger than the divine soul within each of us. Humanity shall forever endure . . . the essence of humanity shall never be completely slain, for it will always be held in at least a handful of hearts, and those hearts are far more than just physical flesh. Its existence is perpetual.

There is opposition, but it must not be feared. The opposition must be faced and not simply transformed by cruelty to a new master. In our anger there can still be love if understanding is gained. Do not be confused, for understanding means more than knowing names and recognizing the tactics employed against us. That level of understanding has importance as well, but you’ll never beat the house at its own game. A new game must be made . . . understanding brought to a deeper level than the details of such skins. Look within. Look within each of us. See yourself, and see them, for what truly is. The enemy isn’t what you see on the outside, it is the evils and ignorance that makes such appearances. It is lost ideas and diseased emotions . . . it is the blind that can no longer see humanity, and the pain that no longer gives humanity any worth.

Yes, take action. What that means in the external sense . . . protests, literature, bartering, farming . . . organizations, donations, revolutions . . . is a choice each of us must make based on our own best judgments. However, before you do so, I ask that you first consider the actions that must be taken within. Without such a cleansing of the soul, or the willingness to take that next step in spiritual evolution, the sad truth will be that any success will be only temporary. The true solution is found ultimately at the root, not the stalk, for that is where change is most meaningful. History repeats like a broken record, so let us seek new music. The power is within. The future is within. This is how humanity can become united, how answers can finally be found, and how progress can come. It is a grand potential that we all share, and all that is needed to start us on that amazing journey, is the willingness to dare take it!



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