By Dan Thomas

“Most truths are so naked that people feel sorry for them and cover them up, at least a little bit.”-Edward R. Murrow”

Truth can be a hard thing to find, but once found it can sometimes be an even harder thing to face. What’s more is that there are so many people out there that work very hard to see to it that we don’t get all the truth. There are those who know that truth is power, and so believe that if truth can be kept exclusive then they can have power over others. They begin to fear truth because if it became known by others then there would be no more lies to hide behind. Illusions would shatter . . . the gray clouds would part and the sky could be seen as blue and true as it really is.

The truth is all around us. The problem is that the truth, whether by ignorance or fear or deceit and intentionally or not, is largely denied. The truth about our religions, our governments, our corporations . . . our history, our future, our potentials, our faults . . . the truth about each other and even the truth about ourselves, all are bombarded with an opposition of denial that claims a monopoly over our very souls. Is it any wonder that we as a people have changed so very little over the untold years that we have existed as a species? For the most part it seems only the props – the technology and outward appearances – have changed, but we in the true essence of mankind have hardly changed at all. We still war, in the large scale of nations to the small scale of families, because of the same greed and fear and foolishness that we have suffered from the beginning of time. It’s sad, it’s insane, and it’s high time that the B.S. ends!

So, to those of us who already realize this, here comes the ultimate question: what in the world can we do about this mess? Unfortunately that is a question that is not too easy to answer . . . boy, how I wish it was! I think that part of the difficulty in providing an answer is because each of us is different, with different abilities, different resources, and in different personal circumstances. Be an activist and attend rallies to lend your voice to a truthful cause – great, but what if you’re poor and live fifty miles from the nearest small town? Write a book or articles and put your voice for truth in letters – wonderful, but what if you’re not a good writer, and “good luck” getting them published anywhere where people will read them. Donate money to worthy organizations that are trying to get the truth out there – an excellent idea if that doesn’t mean you’ll have to go the next week without food! Try politics or the media? I can hear the cynical laughter already. Maybe that is an option for you and if you can get anywhere with it then great, but most of us simply are not cut-out for that lifestyle.

I’m not trying to make excuses here, but anyone who only offers one of these ideas as the solution isn’t seeing the big picture. If any of these ideas work for you then by all means go for it and know that the rest of us truly appreciates it! Unfortunately, none of these are real options for most people and no matter what you do it will usually seem to be of limited effectiveness. People have been doing these things for decades, and although there has been some growing success, the truth remains elusive and highly debated for many people. How I wish there was an easy solution to this problem, for with the opposition to truth fighting ever onward, it has become more and more imperative that the truth get out there to the minds of the people.

All that I can offer is my hope, my fight, and the opinions formed by my personal experience. Maybe what I have isn’t very much but I’ll provide it anyway, in good conscience, and with luck it can be a contribution of some use. That’s all most of us can do . . . lend the cause of truth our energy, share it with whoever might consider it, and do the best that we can to embrace truth within our own individual lives. We can utilize our abilities of introspection, observation, intuition, and common sense to try and preserve what truths we find within us. In theory, once enough individuals can connect and honor and maintain their wills for truth then a change can occur. It’s a grass-roots movement . . . a revolution of humanity made by each of us in whatever ways we are able. It is up to us to have the courage and the will not to bend or be broken by the weight of falsehoods saddled upon us. Truth can no longer be denied for the sake of our comfort or our egos or for the benefit of controllers who seek only to enslave us . . . all of us! So, even if you think your contribution to the good cause of truth may be minimal, it still counts and so don’t be dismayed and give-up on it!. Enough whispers combined becomes a shout, and the more that hear that collective voice of truth, the better the chances are for all of us.

I do not know if the deep and old wounds can be cleared from our minds, or if the false reality that has been fed to us all from birth can be completely brought into the light by the battle for truth. I do not know if the power of truth is enough to turn the tide against the deceivers who have accumulated their authority from the blindness they have inflicted upon us. What I do know, however, is it’s a vital start to what inevitably will be a long journey. I know, to the very best of my ability, that I will not yield in the struggle for truth and I know that I am not alone in that determination. I also know that the war for truth begins within each of us, and I know that so long as truth is denied we stand no chance of a world that is any better than what it has been. The time is now! The opportunity is present! Let truth be finally heard and faced and, for once, let humanity TRULY become free!

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By the author of Inner Tech – Dan Thomas

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