Astral Etheric Spiders

Note from the editor: Although this article is a few months old I wanted to publish it because lately I’ve heard from more and more from people who are experiencing similar problems with psychic parasites and other demons in general. I think Jim’s article does a very good job in presenting the topic and hopefully can generate some solutions to these issues from our readers. Thanks Jim! Please check out his website at

Astral Etheric Spiders by Jim Cassa

Do you want to know more about the phenomena of astral and etheric spiders? Did you know that many have encountered the negative energy of the astral spider in visions and dreams? If you want to know more , then read on!

Before I go on and say more, let me say that out of EVERY negative human experience there is a way to turn it around and make it positive by learning something from it. You can win and triumph in life, I feel , if you have enough awareness of metaphysical knowledge. It works and gives you real world results. Now, on with the etheric spiders!

Astral spiders experiences are common. If you have a vision, a dream, or some insight into these so called etheric spiders you are not going crazy. Far from it. You are seeing something real.

In fact you most likely have intuitive perception higher than most. Your third eye and heart chakras are well on the way to being developed otherwise these creepy entities, that exist in the fourth dimension, are impossible to see without it.

Etheric spider facts: These creatures only exist in the astral dimension. This also happens to be where the human aura can be seen in its brilliant colors and various rainbow like hues.

Upon the first experience of discovering we humans are not alone but share the earth with these astral vermin can be a big shock. I got sick to my stomach on first contact with the esoteric spiders. It is very humbling.

These etheric spider entities use humans as food. Not a pleasant thought, I know, but true. Many other esoteric researchers have said the same thing. The food source is the aura and some call the aura the human energy field.

My research shows these entities have much to do with the energy leaks people experience in day to day living. It is common for these astral creatures to attach to one’s back, like a surfer rides a wave, because the spinal area contains the kundalini life force and they can tap directly into the energy reserve of people.

The chakra system situated along the spine is an energy center of much power. These beings show no mercy and even attach themselves to babies. A baby has a very pure energy not being contaminated by others or by their conditioning or stress factors.

The astral spiders are more mechanical in nature than the spiders we are used to here in the third dimension. Their purpose is to suck energy. The human aura is food to them. If this resonates with you perhaps print off this article to read again and think seriously about talking with your higher self for signs and more information on how to raise your own energy levels.

On a personal note, as before mentioned at the beginning, you need some kind of psychic, intuitive development to see the spiders. Yet I am happy most people’s third eye is closed rather than open since many would go crazy if they knew. The mind as it is today cannot handle it. It took me three days to recover from my energy sickness after my first encounter with them. I encountered a bunch of them, around five of these beings. It is hard to get used to.

I have worked out some methods to slow down the mind, body, and spirit damage, that is the energy siphoning, caused from the etheric spiders. I have yet to work out how to stop them completely.

Etheric Energy
When you gain 3rd eye ability you can see the human aura and it is wonderful, beautiful in color. It is not one color but many. You can see gold, green and some purple, you name it, its hard to describe, like trying to describe an apple to someone who has not seen one. The aura is pure energy.

Now the reality of the situation can be a bit frightening. Most likely you will, well I did with mine, see one large hole or many smaller holes in your aura. Its a gap basically where your aura used to be but is no longer there.

Holes in Aura
Alongside or near this hole you will find these fractal dimensional spiders. They really do look like spiders and are as industrious as ants. Their sole function and purpose of existence is to munch away at the aura, or energetic field as some call it, using the aura as food.

When I first saw it I got sick to my stomach for days and of course I was in shock. The terror of the situation when you first see it is awful. You see the more they eat the less of the aura remains.

We believe that this act of the fractal spiders hurts us energetically. They are doing a job and it is one of energy transmutation. That is just like the protein and vitamins in food goes to build your body they use our energy to build something that is useful to them. The energy they take goes to building something non human in nature. Yet a thief, someone or something that steals, is a thief.

If you are being attacked by these etheric nastiness you may wish to get in touch at some stage. In a nutshell the biggest damage I see is the dramatic slow down they cause the spiritual progress of a person by draining them of energy.

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