By Dan Thomas, author of Inner-Tech
How I wish that I was a great composer, or had a voice that could sing my heart without cracking on notes or falling from the strong emotions I would try to convey. If I was an artist or a poet, maybe I could somehow touch others souls that they could know of my sincerity. What I’m talking about here is the depth of life; those powerful meanings that need to be felt to be understood and not just simply explained. It takes far more than two-dimensional letters strung into words and lined into prose to express this depth, and yet nonetheless I’ll try. It is about connecting to a new and broader dimension of reality . . . a higher dimension and a dimension that largely lays dormant within most of us already. But, so long as so many continue to just skim the surface of understanding who and what we are, and why we are here, we will forever find ourselves stumbling over the same stones that have held humanity down from reaching its potential throughout history . . . a potential that should have otherwise long been achieved.

We have had untold thousands of years to practice; let us give all we can to finally make now the time of achievement. Make now the time when truth can be wholly faced . . . be pursued within our minds and hearts, without fear, to at long last discover the greatness within. It is, in many ways, just a decision away once we allow ourselves to see beyond the surface and into the essence of what really exists.

The complexities of communication, I believe, are an important piece of the ‘grand puzzle’ for us to figure out. I think that, in part, this new and higher dimension is about a new and higher communication . . . a communication that imparts more than intellectual concepts alone. It should also transfer feeling. By the word ‘feeling’ here, I do not refer to a simple signifier of mood, rather as hosts of greater meaning. It is like the example of trying to describe a color. No intellectualism or facts can truly capture the appearance, and more so the qualities, of say, blue. The best it can do is to serve only as a representation. To fully comprehend there must first be a connection that is indescribable, yet is actually the medium of description itself. Exchanging this advanced communication with others is where the tricky task is, and is as well my ongoing attempt.

The heart of the subject here is that connection, that comprehension, that feeling of a powerful and ultimate source that is the fabric of existence in all of its forms. God, divinity, the cosmos . . . title it to what suits you but realize that it is beyond any personification or advanced formula or system. Hold back any preconceived notions given to you by religion or science or social culture to take a new and clearer look. If, then, you find yourself returning to such perspectives by the very depths of your being, then by all means do so and I wish you well. If, on the other hand, you gain for yourself a sense that there is something more then you will have started yourself on a quest which makes roads connect into all, even the most subtle, aspects of the human experience.

The miracles of our daily lives can shine brighter than any light, and the pervasive evils and ignorance in our world can be known for what they truly are . . . an absurdity, an insanity . . . a weak and foolish thing disguised in mass that makes it appear as much more than it is. And, more importantly, you can discover that our challenges can be overcome. So much the mincing of a grand entirety, it can be awakened to a reformation . . . an awareness that the key is in our reclamation of the inherent power of our individuality in concert with the bond to true divinity. We are multidimensional beings, and so must come aware of it. The depths of who we are, why we are here, and what we shall have ourselves become is not to be feared or shelved in an attitude of apathy. Joy can be partnered with on-going achievement . . . achievement being the richness of our spirits and the broadening of our mental horizons.

Break the locks of fear, ego, and automated reactions that contain reality for us in a house without windows. The comforts of old paradigms need reevaluation that their pains may be removed. The cleansing of thought and honesty can, in union with sincere feeling of love, bond you to a greater communication that narrates to you a human experience that lives far deeper than the surface of any appearances.

awareness, self awareness, souls, spiritual awareness, self empowerment, spiritualityDan Thomas is the author of Inner-Tech, a metaphysical science fiction novel that takes the reader on an incredible adventure through space and time in a quest of questions and answers upon awakening to a desperate message given by a mysteriously ancient and alien library.

Packed with action, symbolism, and an inspiring determination, the reader is engaged in a fascinating look at society, morality, and the mechanics of the cosmos.

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