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Numerology Predictions often appears hard to understand and overwhelming to the novice, however, at its basic level numerology is fairly simple. The single most relevant number in ascertaining numerology predictions is without question the Life Path Number.

It is extremely important to take into account all of your numerological numbers, the Life Path Number is the cornerstone of the entire numerology chart and is crucial to making numerology predictions.

The Life Path Number is frequently referred to as Skill Number is derived from your birthdate. Basically it is calculated by adding up all of the numbers in your birth date together. For example someone born on July 14, 1968 would calculate their Life Path Number as follows:

7 1 4 1 9 6 8=36                        3 6=9                    Life Path Number=9

Typically, your Life Path Number provides guidance in your life. It allows you to recognize and grab opportunities and on the other hand to avoid unhealthy situations. Undeniably, it allows you to uncover your inherent talents, abilities, and characteristics by which you apply yourself to all that you do during your lifetime. Having cognizance, comprehension and familiarity of your Life Path Number will allow you to use numerology predictions in making intelligent decisions and communicate with the world in a way which expresses your special abilities.

Your Life Path Number is often recognized as your Lucky Number, and the use of its energy is generally based on your additional numbers. This number will certainly not affirm that you will win the lottery; however, it is important to be aware of its presence. It is not out of the ordinary to enter a stage or time period where your Life Path Number seems to show up again and again in various forms.

The following chart provides the general qualities of each Life Path Number:

Life Path 1: Leader

Life Path 2: Co-operator

Life Path 3: Entertainer

Life Path 4: Builder

Life Path 5: Communicator

Life Path 6: Teacher

Life Path 7: Individualist

Life Path 8: Goal Setter

Life Path 9: Humanitarian

Using numerology predictions by following the directions of your Life Path Number will make your travels through life much less difficult. Ignoring it will make life much more difficult creating inner turmoil and confusion. Your Life Path Number reflects not only how you do things, but why you do things. We are all distinctive and have different strengths and weaknesses.

Do not take numerology and numerology predictions lightly. View them passionately and learn all that you can about your numerological profile. Discover your deeply-rooted talents, and build and improve these skills to create greater expertise. Refine your natural skills to perfection. You will be amazed at the things you can do and the levels you can attain.

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