There are signs that can help you to know if you have psychic ability when you become conscious of them.


Have you ever known before hand that the telephone was going to ring before it did?

Have you ever felt that you knew who was going to be on the other end of the telephone before you answered it?


Do you feel sensitive when you go to new places such as when you go to a new room of a hotel and you feel that you just want to leave but do not know why.

Getting images

Another sure way to tell about your psychic ability is if you hold a jewel or something from another person that you do not know and you get images or feelings.


Listening to your inner feeling and guidance from spirit is sometimes challenging for many when you are getting started.

You need some quiet time to listen and make the difference between your voice and that of spirit.

With regular practicing of asking questions and following through you will be able to develop your abilities greater.


For many in the normal world seeing is believing and this may be your way in the beginning to increase your psychic ability.

You can ask spirit to guide you to the place or situation that you need help with, once you have ask for guidance you need to allow it to happen and not force it.

Building confidence

The more you follow through with your exercise the more you will see proof of your psychic ability increasing.

Learning to understand your ability

You will notice with time that you will have a desire or an ease to do your psychic work a certain way if that means telling people what you see for them in the future or how you feel when you hear certain persons name.

Conclusion: Your psychic ability can be as normal as any other ability that you take for granted, becoming curious about you and what you can do with an attitude of fun can shed more light on your psychic gifts.

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