– An Astral Psychic Exclusive by Dan Thomas, author of Inner-Tech.

It is not a destination and it holds no title. It is not a time or even intelligence, and it is not limited to the confines of some singular path. I ask the questions . . . how do we find it, how do we define it, and where does it lead us to? In bond to our sincerity and goodness of heart, let us now begin an exploration of that precious yet mysterious thing we might call the journey of spiritual awareness.
In attempt to simplify a complex subject, I believe we can divide the issue into two general arenas: awareness of the self, and external awareness. If we clarify external awareness as an understanding of others and the reality that surrounds us, then awareness of the self would most obviously be an understanding of our individual souls. By an on-going study and comprehension of both of theses aspects of awareness, I believe a broader vision can be achieved with which we can gain higher levels and insights to spiritual evolution . . . an evolution which not only can redefine our very character and purpose, but steps us into the expanse of new and greater dimensions.
Spiritual awareness seldom comes easily for with it are the tests and trials of individual experience. Perhaps for most of us, it is external awareness which is more comfortable to confront for it is more removed from the challenges of our egos. Self-awareness relies predominantly on our personal ability to be objective, responsible, and honest in evaluation. It requires discipline to the maintenance of our clarity towards our content and choice of direction. It is usually easier to spot faults and qualities elsewhere than to turn the mirror around and face them within ourselves. In my opinion it is the added challenge of self-awareness which makes it all the more important for us to deal with, and is therefore to be the prime focus of this article.
In my opinion, self-awareness is actually more than an understanding, it is also a feeling. It is a connection to a grand wisdom . . . a strength of divine love . . . God, cosmos, call it what you may. It is an empowering feeling and a compassion. Humble yet grand, it is a feeling which transports us beyond mundane and three-dimensional life to a pure freedom and peace and expansion of spirit. The threats and hardships to our lives become somehow removed from company of fear and join with a certainty, a faith, a sense of protection with the knowledge that we are actually far more than what might seem from the limits of our five senses. Self-awareness is, at its heart, a confidence in our totality as truly multidimensional beings.
Fear is the great inhibitor. So much of the negative forces within us stem from this primal misdirection. Fear in the form of ego tries to steer us from honesty with ourselves. Fear limits our perceptions, our value, and our will to keep progressing. It is the control mechanism used against us by the institutions and individuals who desperately wish us never to find the potential of our self-empowerment. So long as that potential is never realized, we remain to be defined as they would have us . . . as slaves whose life and power are sacrificed to their appetites of control. We are as food to a parasite, fed upon and herded by their orders, and made as pawns to a game of ambitious evils. Fear is the chains of our imprisoned souls. It is all around us, attempting to saturate us through the subtle mediums of media, religions, governments, and social conditioning.
A careful discernment needs to be employed here with the subject of fear. Elimination of fear can so often be corrupted by ego into an elimination of wisdom. What I am not suggesting here is a bravado imbued delusion of invincibility. Not fearing the guns on the hill is not the same as painting a target on your head and stepping into the line of fire. Circumstances may or may not require you to face those bullets, but don’t be a fool by daring them. Sometimes the line between fearlessness and foolishness can be a thin one, and there is no formula I can think of to always and conclusively know that point. All I could recommend here is to employ both your logic and feelings to the balance of necessity. Be willful in resolution, but not so stubborn as to deny future understanding.
Finding fears and interferences within you can be a challenging task, for many of them hide in the camouflage of subtlety. For myself, I have often found as well, that what might be thought of as resolved may surface again to be understood at yet deeper levels than before. We are complex beings, especially when you realize we are far more than what might be perceived, and therefore the path of self-awareness truly is a journey without ultimate conclusion. No matter how far you travel there will always be another hill ahead. As human beings we traverse but a small section of the map of full reality and truth. Beyond the human experience lies more, and still more after that. This shouldn’t give you a feel of futility, rather a drive of intrigue. Don’t worry yourself over where you may be at, just motivate yourself to find and maintain the right direction. Know, in time, that you will keep progressing if it is your will to do so. Knowing where you are currently is just a reference point . . . a guide of orientation to help you get to the next point. So, stay positive and optimistic the best that you can.
Perhaps the best advice that I could give to anyone, based on my own opinions and experience, is to monitor your thoughts and feelings. Think, think, and think some more . . . and keep on thinking! Ask yourself questions and quest for answers. Why do I feel as I do? Why do I believe as I do? Are my reactions what they should be? Think about it, then have the will to act and change according to your discoveries. See your shortcomings and mistakes not so much as faults but as opportunities for improvement. Guilt that is truly valid serves only as a reminder not to repeat your mistakes, and should be grown out of by learning from it. Change doesn’t need to be feared. Each of us is, in our own ways and conscious of it or not, on a soul’s journey. The importance is simply to keep moving forward not backward, and keep expanding in the power of goodness. Maintain that connection to a higher source. Focus your will to a noble and righteous cause. Keep steady and determined with every step across the terrain of reality on this, the journey of spiritual awareness.

awareness, self awareness, souls, spiritual awareness, self empowerment, spiritualityDan Thomas is the author of Inner-Tech, a metaphysical science fiction novel that takes the reader on an incredible adventure through space and time in a quest of questions and answers upon awakening to a desperate message given by a mysteriously ancient and alien library.

Packed with action, symbolism, and an inspiring determination, the reader is engaged in a fascinating look at society, morality, and the mechanics of the cosmos.

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