The Beginning Steps to Developing Psychic Abilities (Video)

Do you want to become psychic? Do you want to know what someone else is thinking about? The beginning steps to unlock your higher senses is to start at the beginning. Begin by keeping a dream journal. Recall your dreams and documenting key summaries or key words of the dream helps bridge a connection to your subconscious mind. By doing this you open yourself up.

Mind powers for knowing what someone else is thinking? Realize that you already get information about other people’s thoughts that pass through your mind during the day. You are like a beacon for incoming and outgoing information. Don’t dismiss so easily information that comes to you. Maybe it is a gut feeling, a thought, a vision or an image of this or that. Don’t let it go so fast…hold onto it because in that second — that moment of thought holds the key to your psychic potential. Grasp a hold of it to better understand where it came from, why you felt that way etc. Realize your thoughts from theirs and what you were thinking from another’s thoughts.

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