Many Lives, Many Lessons

by Dan Thomas – Author of Inner-Tech

Time is an illusion in the sense that it depends on a perception. Patience is in many ways the translator through which we experience it. A moment can seem to last forever and yet a year can pass in a blink. The past, the future, the present . . . all moving and shaping to the form of our perspective, coexist like the many channels of a radio. Whichever station our metaphorical dial is turned to is what we call reality. And yet, with so many stations out there, are we really just limited to the one? Life being such a complex and fleeting thing as it is, are we really expected to figure it out in a single try? What I’m talking about here is the sentient relationship to time and its purpose within reality.

To me, the terms ‘past lives’ or ‘reincarnation’ are actually somewhat outdated. If you believe, as I do, that all time is simultaneous then such terms become too linear in thinking. I have myself had what I believe to be many memories of lives in the so-called past as well as the so-called future. However, is the time period in which you have an incarnation actually all that pertinent? Time really only serves as a tool. It is a learning aid that divides our experiences into sections more manageable to our assimilation. It gives us focus so as not to overwhelm our comprehensions with a near infinite array of experiences. We take our experiences one at a time and the purpose of experience is for our learning. To simplify the whole phenomenon of life, I would say that is what it’s all about . . . learning. Every life we have and every experience we have is all for the purpose and benefit of our spiritual evolution. It is all a journey of infinite scale to progress us towards, for lack of a better phrase, the ultimate truth.

Every life, in every time, caters to the purpose of presenting us with a new layer of understanding. It factors both lessons for the individual, and group lessons for the masses. Lessons can take any form . . . dreams, relationships, wars, storms . . . all very significant but not always so obvious. The task is in translating these experiences to find purpose. Translating them to find purpose can often mean tracking them to their true origins, and those origins are not always to be found in the life you are presently living.

I am learning. At this very moment I am learning through many lives for those other lives are now, just simply removed from my conscious focus. So what are these other lives? What am I learning from them? I don’t think anyone can answer these questions with more accuracy than yourself. If these other lives are relevant to you present one, then they will make themselves known to you. To know more than that about them is always interesting though not necessarily needed, however your connection to these other lives will often leave hints in the makeup of who you are now. Apart from dreams, visions, and hypnotic regressions, these hints can often be found by observing yourself for various traits.

Do you have certain talents that have come to you naturally? What are you drawn to? What repulses you? Do you ever have strong reactions to a person that you can’t explain from any experience in this life? The possible causes of these things could be numerous, but sometimes they are an indication of one of your other lives. To separate these indications from other possible causes, try to look at the subject from as many different angles as you can. Analyze yourself in the now by exercising your self-awareness. Give every impulse you have about a possible other life, regardless of how outrageous it might at first seem, an equal and objective opportunity to prove itself to you. In a reality of timelessness, infinite possibilities, and layer upon layer of dimensions, you might realize that it isn’t so outrageous after all.
So now we come to the question of fantasy and over-active imagination. Am I being delusional if I feel I have a life as an extraterrestrial working on a moon base in some distant galaxy? Well, maybe you are . . . or maybe not. Even if imagination has skewed an impression it doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t something to it. Like mythology, there is commonly some basis of fact hidden within. After all, where does imagination come from? Often times imagination is actually a symbology of reality. Of course you should try to pursue a truthful image of this other life, not some ego trip to fill perceived inadequacies, but such accuracy may or may not have been achieved by the end. If your intentions to find truth really are sincere, then your chances of accuracy are likely improved.

Do the best that you can in unraveling these questions, but ultimately just keep in mind what the real point of knowing your other lives is . . . purpose. It is about your spiritual evolution. What do you gain from this knowledge? Has it helped you in some way? Regardless of the accuracy, that is what is truly important. If you have grown from this memory then it has been worthwhile. At very least, use these contemplations to gain for yourself some compassion for others. Realize that, like you, they’ve had many lives and are far more than what might be seen on the surface. Who they are now doesn’t mean that that’s who they have always been. Sometimes we have hard lessons . . . sometimes we lose the trail. And although we must still deal with others as appropriate to this life, we can still do so with a higher understanding of the nature of humanity with time.

awareness, self awareness, souls, spiritual awareness, self empowerment, spiritualityDan Thomas is the author of Inner-Tech, a metaphysical science fiction novel that takes the reader on an incredible adventure through space and time in a quest of questions and answers upon awakening to a desperate message given by a mysteriously ancient and alien library.

Packed with action, symbolism, and an inspiring determination, the reader is engaged in a fascinating look at society, morality, and the mechanics of the cosmos.

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