Author: Sherri Frost

Discover past lives in dreams spontaneously or on purpose. The possibilities are endless. Maybe you are wondering if there is a message to be learned or you are just curious about who you might have been.

Lessons can be learned from the past so that you don’t have to keep repeating the same mistake. When you discover the meaning of past lives in your dreams you just might figure out your life purpose.

Maybe you are thinking “I can never remember my dreams! I forget them as soon as I wake up!” If this has been true in the past, you can still learn how to remember your dreams.

Here’s how: Start by creating the intent to remember your dreams.

Each night before you go to bed, tell yourself that you will dream about a past life and that you will remember it in the morning. This creates an intentional request in your subconscious mind.

Keep a notebook next to your bed so that the moment you wake up, you’ll be able to write down any bits of the dream that you DO remember. Write down any images or phrases that you might recall.

At first your dreams may not make any sense. The longer you keep writing down your dream fragments you’ll begin to notice a trend that begins to make sense for you.

Past Life Analysis

Relax and let it happen without pushing too hard. Accept whatever you discover and see if you can find meaning that will be useful to you in your present life. You’ll begin to put all the pieces of the puzzle together to make a clear picture of your past life.

Self Hypnosis

Self hypnosis is an even more powerful tool to use to discover past lives. Self hypnosis can be used as sort of a guided daydream. It begins in a meditative, trance-like state but it’s not meditation. The difference is that when you use self hypnosis, you’ll create the intent to recall a past life experience that has to do with whatever problem you are having and need an answer for. Each time you practice self hypnosis on your own, you’ll get better and better at this process.

As you discover past lives in dreams, you may begin to notice you often have hunches. This is because you are opening a new level of self understanding.

When will you begin to look into your dreams?

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