Spiritual growth is the subject of mind and has nothing to do with wealth and making money. All poor people are not on the spiritual path. A rich people are not against the spiritual path. All rich people are not arrogant. All poor people are not without arrogance. The possession of natural wealth and making money is your destiny.

To be absorbed in thought or wish to implement to make more money, makes you to turn away from the spiritual path. Possession of the wealth and earning money is a gift from God. Playing with money for good reasons, always help you on the spiritual path and spiritual growth. For me, the spiritual life is that is serving the others and is not dependent on the civilization.

It is a common belief, especially in spiritual circles, that the wealth and make money makes people corrupt. While in some cases, this may be true, but there are many poor people who are corrupt. For me, “rich people can be on the spiritual path” – he does not discount the wealth and tread on the spiritual way for our spiritual growth.

There are many people who give their wealth in the world and stop earning money. These people believe that it leads to higher spiritual goal. There are many monks and nuns who have chosen a life of misery in the world to achieve a spiritual life. It is not surprising that many of these people continue to remember their sacrifice and did not win anything on their spiritual journey and spiritual growth. Anything surrounded by the unconditional love of God in the conscious mind is the actual distribution of wealth and making wealth. It pays in the long term in the deeper layers of mind control.

The purpose of the possession of wealth and earning money is not more important to walk on the spiritual goal. How much humility or selfishness you have in earning money is important? It is more important to walk on the spiritual course.

No doubt, the wealth and making money is a rich source of desire and attachment. It directly affects spiritual growth. But, it can be used as means for spiritual course. Playing with wealth and exploitation of it for spiritual causes is the real spiritual path. It continues to enhance spiritual growth. While living any way of life, spiritual growth is more important than making money.

The issue is not to become rich and make money or I have no wealth and not making money. The question is what I intend to do with it earning of wealth. Any making money with the humble intention and to help others is spiritual path. Any making money to make others evil is not spiritual path.

Any making money with the intention of helping his individual selfishness leads to life being on the wrong track. It becomes an obstacle on the spiritual path.

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