astral projection, obe, out of body experienceAn out of body experience is an interesting phenomenon that people often experience at the time of impending death but happens at other times as well. Sometimes referred to an OBE, this experience has been scientifically studied and validated.

The concept of perceiving one’s physical body outside the body’s own sphere shows up astral projection or out of body experience.

This is a real experience and one that should not be ignored. There have been many people that were on the verge of dying that have come back to share their experiences, they have been able to tell others in the room what was going on even though medically speaking the were non-responsive.

The term came into existence in 1943,but before it was perceived as something belief-centric term called “Projection”. In earlier days some misinterpreted with ‘spirit walking”,but scientists judged it with experimental evidences as something which cannot be taken into imaginary world.

It has been estimated that around one in ten people will have an out of body experience at some time. With so many people having this experience and offering such a large amount of data for study, it becomes impossible to dismiss astral travel as an imaginary incident.

At times, people spontaneously have an out of body experience. Sometimes an OBE is brought on by physical or mental trauma, using psychedelic drugs, or if the body has slipped into a state of coma or trance.

There are a number of sites on the Internet that promise you the enjoyment of astral projection and travel. If you know how to do it, astral projection isn’t difficult at all.

Unfortunately the generations of the ancients that are here today have forgotten about the art of astral projection. The good news is that out of body experiences do not require a high level of mental power or spiritual awareness or connectivity.

This does not mean that a person doesn’t have to concentrate on one point. Understand that your conscious mind is going to hold you back out of fear. The fear that once your astral body is out it won’t be able to get back in, hence leaving you an empty shell. This fear is a subconscious fear.

It’s believed that a person’s astral body is able to leave the physical body for a short period of time. When a person truly believes that he is able to project his astral body from his physical body, he is on his well on his way to succeeding. This is because he has already auto suggested to his conscious mind to completely ‘let go’.

If you do harbor fear that you will die if your astral body separates or that it will get stuck in limbo, then it is probably not a good idea to delve into astral projection until your fear of the out of body experience has been resolved.

However, if you are able to silence your mind, and believe that your astral body will return to your physical body you can astral travel. Any purposeful (done on purpose)out of the body experience starts with a mediation or self hypnosis. You have to start thinking positively by telling yourself that you want to have an out of the body experience. When the mind takes over you are will notice that you are more open to the thought of astral travel.

Set aside a time when you will not be disturbed. Stretch out and make yourself comfortable. Place your arms at your side. Take slow deep breaths and work on total relaxation of your physical body. When your physical body and mind are in a state of deep relaxation, your astral body can depart and explore new dimensions of reality that exist beyond your present mental and physical awareness.

When your astral body is preparing to leave, your body will begin to tingle. Don’t fight this sensation. Relax and let it happen. If any conscious thoughts pop into your mind, just ignore them and keep your focus on breathing.

Normally, an out of body experience is heralded by vibrations and a rapid pulse. Allow those vibrations to sweep over you. Avoid becoming excited; instead, you should remain calm and let the vibrations control you entirely, your body and soul. You will soon be leaving your physical body behind and embarking on an astral journey into another realm or dimension.

Some people say that their out of body experience ended because of their fear of leaving their physical body too far away.

Others report they visit other realms where they undergo experiences that are so real they are certain they are not dreaming. You can learn how to astral travel just like humans have done throughout history, it all starts with the belief that you can.

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