If you’re reading this article then you are interested in lucid dreaming.  I have been interested for quite a few years.  The concept of being able to control dreams, to have a lucid dream has always fascinated me.

I can remember back to my first experience with lucid dreams when I was a child.  I dreamt that I was falling and I remember thinking to myself that I was going to hit the ground and die.  Then I decided to change the ground into a lake of water.  I had just taken control of my first dream.  At the time I did not know that this experience was called lucid dreaming, it was just fascinating to me that I was able to modify my dream while I was dreaming.

It was not until years later that I became aware in the concept of lucid dreaming.  As I grow older I’ve become more interested in the metaphysical aspects of life.  One area that particularly interests me is dreaming.  Personally, I believe that when we dream we are touching a much deeper part of us, a much wiser part.  I wondered to myself, if this is true, wouldn’t it be great to be able to not just receive information passively through a dream but instead be able to interact with the dream.  This way I could receive much more information.

The question was, “How to Lucid Dream?”  How would I create a lucid dream whenever I wanted?  As I began to do research on the subject I read a number of books on the topic written by scientific researchers.  These researchers broke the process of creating lucid dreams into three steps.

For the first step you had to begin to dream.   What I found through my reading was that the easiest way to create dreams whenever I desired was through the use of sound.  Specifically sounds that tap out a rhythm or a beat pattern that allows the two halves of the brain to synchronize with each other.

I started to use these binaural beats (that’s the scientific name) as I was falling sleep.  I immediately noticed that I was recalling more and more of my dreams.  At the same time, my dreams were becoming much more detailed and vivid.

Second, create a dream journal.  Each morning I would write down as much as I could recall about each dream.

The reason for the dream journal is to train your mind to remember your dreams.  To give your mind a message that dreams are now important and that you want to recall them.

By using the sound to enhance the quality and quantity of my dreams in conjunction with the dream journal had me to the point that I was dreaming up to five separate dreams each night.  I wasn’t quite to the point of lucid dreaming yet but I was close.

The last step to creating a lucid dream was to train my mind to take control of the dreams.  To do this I created a simple script based on the scientific research that I used before going to sleep each night.  I wrote down this simple statement, “Tonight when I am dreaming I will hear myself say the word gelbelong.  When I hear the word gelbelong I will know that I am dreaming and I take control of my dream.”

Every night just before I go to sleep I would read this statement to myself fifteen times.  This trains my subconscious mind to say the word “gelbelong” sometime during the dream and for my mind to then know that I was having a lucid dream.

The word “gelbelong” is a word I made up.  You want the word or phrase to be something that you would never hear in waking life so that there is no confusion as to whether or not you are dreaming.

The addition of this phrase gave me the last piece I needed for having all of the lucid dreams I want.  Now I explore an entirely new world whenever I sleep.

I actually have to admit that I look forward to going to sleep now.  It’s like I am taking a vacation each and every time I go to sleep.  And more to my interests, I have gained insight into some amazing things about myself.

So if you want to begin to have lucid dreams, just follow the three steps I’ve given you.

First, begin to create more dreams through the use of a binaural beat program.

Second, write down your dreams in a dream journal.

Last, create your own trigger word and begin to enjoy the amazing world of the lucid dream.

I am always researching ways to enhance my
lucid dreaming experiences
and talking with people who
lucid dream
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