This article will discuss how weight loss hypnotherapy through a process called brain entrainment can provide an effective antidote to piling on those pounds.

The concept of weight-loss is a staple of contemporary Western society, where the majority of people have suffered from both the physical and mental torment of being overweight, giving rise to needless battles against their own bodies through the use of dietary procedures and medical pills. These are without a doubt effective at combating weight loss, and have been shown to work effectively, but it often becomes apparent that pursued on their own, such methods are merely temporary fixes. Failures in achieving that ‘optimal’ weight, or the inability to shift a certain number of pounds before the next ‘Weight-Watchers’ appointment can often lead to self-sabotaging thought patterns, exacerbating the imaginary battle of the self against the self, where each failed attempt, including withdrawals to ways of excessive eating, amplifies a sense of helplessness where the process appears futile.

Without getting into too much metaphysical jargon, remember this; our perception is coloured by our expectations. If our own expectations about ourselves are clouded by errors of self-judgement, i.e. the perceived inability to lose weight – a self-fulfilling prophecy ensues through an endless cycle best represented by the connotation of the cat chasing its own tail.

The logical solution would be to create the cure within yourself; taking into consideration the fact that body and mind work in unison, and by battling against the body through warped perceptions of the mind, you are no different to the aforementioned cat!

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy – Brain Entrainment

Therefore, the alternation of brain-patterns is the key. You become what you think, and as I mentioned, your brain will go out of its way to conform to your expectations. Admittedly, this is not as easy as it seems, as deeply rooted habits have been planted by unfair standards set by the mainstream media.

Through a process called ‘Brain Entrainment’, you can learn to co-operate with your body, rather than to fight it. This system enables you to love the process of physical activity, without viewing it as a hindrance or chore. So if you’re self-conscious and afraid to exercise, this program will help maintain that motivation within you. Likewise, if you ever find yourself picking food when you’re not even hungry, affirmations within the program will help develop self-discipline, thus reducing this compulsion.

If you are interested in this fascinating phenomenon of Brain Entrainment, consider this program a symbolic departure from your old ways. A new start, beginning from today. To sum up the main benefits; you will maintain a new outlook and positive mindset, suffer less from hunger, less compulsive eating, less stress and a greater compulsion to exercise and be active.

The mind is a powerful tool – act slimmer and slimmer ye shall become!

My name is Francesco Antonio Costabile. My aim is to establish a greater recognition of the brain entrainment phenomenon to a wider audience, informing people of its potentialities as an effective mode of self improvement and psychotherapy.

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