Lucid dreaming is also often referred to as conscious dreaming, in that one can often exercise a certain degree of control over the dream, unlike with regular dreaming. Basically, lucid dreaming is all about the art of dreaming while at the same time being aware of the fact that it’s a dream, even while you’re a busy dreaming.

Being able to control the course of your dreams is nothing less than a life-changing, liberating experience. All things that you felt could hold you back in life just melt away and you are in control of every situation.

So, you ask, can it really be that simple? Surely not every single common person who wants to can experience lucid dreaming!

Luckily, it’s really not that hard to begin lucid dreaming, as long as you are determined to learn it. There are proven ways to help you access this ability and use your untapped mental power.

The first thing you need to do is to become absolutely certain as to why you want to master the art of lucid dreaming. Do you imagine yourself having your own personal playground built from lucid dreams, or do you have another reason for wanting to learn and develop this skill? Your reason is not of particular importance, providing it is clear in your mind.

Once you understand your reason you will begin the learning process of how to lucid dream. You will need to learn Dream Recall. This is the ability to recall a dream from the previous night. You will not be able to lucid dream until you can recall a dream.

Irrespective of what others may have told you, this process can be painfully slow. It can however be achieved a lot quicker if you maintain a ‘dream recall register’. Maintaining such a register will allow you to record as many details as possible with regards to your last dream. Providing you continue doing this you will with time come to realize that you are able to remember everything about a dream.

The time required for preparing the subconscious mind to experience lucid dreaming can be reduced greatly with hypnosis. Generally one or two hypnosis sessions allows you to continually recall all your dreams. Your mind is conditioned for lucid dreaming once this happens.

On occasion, you may suddenly find yourself wide awake during a lucid dream. However, you will easily be able to recall all the essential details of your dream with the power you have achieved so far. You can simply relax and fall back asleep, while you continue in the desired direction in your dream. Upon awaking you will realize that you have experienced the power of conscious dreaming the previous night.

Another great way to have lucid dreams is to go back to sleep for a couple of hours after you wake up in the morning. These dreams are the closest to lucid dreams as they leave you wondering if they were actually dreams or your thoughts manifested in the form of a purported event.

This is easy to do by setting your alarm to chime just a couple of hours before you would normally wake up. Once the alarm goes off, simply wake up and turn it off and then go right back to sleep. You can enjoy your lucid dreams. In order for you to pinpoint the best time for lucid dreaming it is most helpful to keep a record of your personal sleeping patterns.

Lucid dreaming can help people with insomnia and other sleep disorders. If you have trouble sleeping, just tell yourself ‘Sleeping equals lucid dreaming’ and your subconscious mind will help you become free of the thoughts keeping you awake.

Recent advances in sound technologies have made it much faster and easier for one to learn lucid dreaming.

One of the quickest and most efficient means of learning how to lucid dream is by listening to binaural audios.

Essentially, the reason why these audios are effective, is because they involve playing relaxing sounds to the listener using different frequencies for each ear. This results in a phenomenal amount of realization in addition to bringing the brain waves into the correct frequency necessary for lucid dreaming.

Before this technology was available the only sure way to be able to lucid dream to order was by the way of meditation techniques which often took years to learn and the perseverance and determination required was too much of a struggle for most people.

If you combine listening to binaural sound waves, hypnosis and affirmations to prepare the subconscious mind, lucid dreaming can happen very soon after your first attempt.

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