One area in which brain entrainment through a binaural beats download can be best utilized is in the form of a study aid. In the chaotic realm of higher education, it is common for the student to be inundated by up to five assignments at once; a scenario for which they must plan for effectively, leaving enough time to complete each assignment to the best of their ability. Problems arise however when the student procrastinates on one assignment, leaving insufficient time for the remaining assignments to be completed.

When involved in activities of mental endurance, such as the typing up of an epic 10,000 word essay, or preparing for a long and arduous academic presentation, the mind has a nasty habit of wandering, choosing to focus on matters which detract from the task at hand.

The process of brain entrainment can be used to focus the mind single-pointedly at the task at hand, so that the analytic and creative faculties of the mind can operate at full, unbound flow. In the altered state that is induced by the binaural beat or isochronic tone, the mind is rooted firmly in the present, or ”in the zone”. All great writers and poets are able to achieve this state, in which a sea of creative abstractions relating to the area of contemplation are formalized into concrete thought.

Study Aid – Binaural Beats Download

Before you know it, with the study aids listed below, you’ll be well on your way to completing your assignments, without being diverted by worries concerning other factors, such as looming deadlines, or social distractions for example. Worries and frustrations are eliminated altogether, because again, your mind is focused solely on the task at hand. How amazing would it be to have a tool which helps you actually want to engage in challenging academic assignments?

Of course, you may be one of those students who is able to zone into your work without being distracted by a wondering mind. I do envy these people, as they seem to be able to produce work without breaking a sweat. But brain entrainment can still benefit you in terms of increasing creative flow, thus adding that extra ‘zeal’ to your assignments. In fact, no matter what your psychological makeup is, these MP3s are guaranteed to benefit you in some way.

I hope this article has convinced you in some way of the power behind brain entrainment. This is an area which interests me greatly, and I’d like it if you emailed me with your experiences.

My name is Francesco Antonio Costabile. My aim is to establish a greater recognition of the brain entrainment phenomenon to a wider audience, informing people of its potentialities as an effective mode of self improvement and psychotherapy.

Binaural Brainwave – Brain Entrainment With A Binaural Beats Download
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